Why Should You Be A Nassoon?

When it comes time for audition season, it's not just about a group choosing you - it's about you choosing a group. There are countless reasons why some of the best singers on campus have chosen the Nassoons, and they're different for everyone. We're confident that you'll love being a Nassoon, but it's up to you to decide for yourself. So read below about 5 reasons to join the 'Soons.


Reason #1: The Guys


Any 'Soon past or present will tell you that the best part about singing with the Nassoons is the brotherhood you foster with the rest of the guys. Generations of good people have attracted more of the same, and the result is a group that is just fun to be around (or in). The social aspect of the group is as much a part of your life as you choose, but many current members count Nassoons among their closest friends.


Reason #3: The Tours


As a Nassoon, you'll get a chance to travel around the world, entertaining in countless venues, everything from having dinner with the American Consul to signing autographs for adoring schoolchildren. Tours are once-in-a-lifetime chances to see the world, and because we pay for our tours with our shows, it won't cost you a cent.

In the past few years, we have taken trips to Korea; Miami, Florida; Munich; London; Liechtenstein; Cancun; and Los Angeles, CA, to name a few. Every tour is filled with unbelievable opportunities that you can't really get anywhere else. For example, in the past we have sang and had dinner and drinks with the part of Royal Family of Liechtenstein. The thing that makes the Nassoons special is that these amazing opportunities, like singing for royalty, won't cost you a dime. You won't find that guarantee of free airfare and lodging with any other group on campus.

Reason #2: The Music


If you've ever followed three or more Nassoons into a stairwell, or been inside one of our cars when "Love On Top" comes on, you would find it safe to say that the Nassoons are all about the music. As one of the oldest collegiate singing groups in the country, we have some of the finest arrangements (old and new!) on Princeton's campus. If you would like to hear some samples or watch some recent music videos, check them out here. You'll see there that the repertoire spans everything from 'NSYNC to a Nassoon original about Princeton's amazing financial aid policy. 

Reason #4: The Tradition


The Nassoons were Princeton's first a cappella group when they were founded in 1941, and only the fourth in the nation. Now there are hundreds of a cappella groups across the country, but the Nassoons' rich history still distinguishes them from the rest. The Nassoons have hundreds of alumni who are still proud to call themselves Nassoons, even decades after graduation.

The Nassoons have new arrangements emerging every year, keeping the repertoire alive and moving. But some pieces have stayed as staples of the repertoire since the group's founding. The feeling of standing next to someone in the class of 1942 and singing the same song is one that no other Princeton group can boast.


Reason #5: The Perks


Whether it means never paying for domestic and international tours, singing for celebrities like Mark Hoppus and Gustavo Dudamel, being treated like royalty at the Homestead Resort, or starring in a Hollywood movie alongside Tina Fey, the perks of being a Nassoon have no end in sight.

Try out this audition season and see for yourself all of the amazing experiences you won't get anywhere else. We think you'll be glad you did.