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Ty Gardner

A graduate of Rutgers Prep, Ty has spent years prepping - to be a Nassoon, that is. When he's not growling out low notes as a Bass, he can be found telling long, narrative jokes, though some are admittedly better than others. As you can guess from his name, Ty comes from a long line of gardeners; his great-grandfather actually invented the strawberry as we know it today. Whoa. He’s berry excited to be a bass in The Nassoons, so be sure to check him out at one of our upcoming concerts!

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Charlie Hemler

Charlie, who sings TB, is a true "standout student" and is proud to take up the helm as both the Nassoons’ new tallest member and Music Director. When he’s not schooling elderly men on the basketball court, he enjoys taking late night strolls to Princeton Junction. After a successful career in boating, he hopes to retire to Poughkeepsie where he can just watch the trains go by for the rest of his days. Charlie also loves Notre Dame themed deserts, so be sure to bring some to our next arch sing! 


Thomas Jankovic

Thomas is an enthusiastic bass from Norwalk, Connecticut, where he was the lead singer in an Aerosmith cover band, “Norwalk This Way.”  A sartorial savant, Thomas takes pride in his extensive and vibrant sock collection. When he’s not updating his blog on German honey-wine, Thomas plays the French Horn in the Princeton University Orchestra.


Danny Pinto

Danny, a Tenor 1 from the San Francisco Bay Area, was a nepotistic tour manager who led us to his hometown for his first tour.  His interests include Chile, chillin’, chili, and having a good cry every so often. He enjoys swinging on swings and he spends his time learning German – so far, all he knows how to say is “schnitzel” but he’s working on “hefeweizen.”  A descendant of Edgar Allen Poe, Danny often receives "ravin’" reviews for his luscious locks.

Class of 2021


Sean Kim

Sean Kim sings Tenor 1 for the Nassoons, but his true vocal talent lies in a range about two octaves higher. When he's not practicing for his air bowling league, he serves as one of our Tour Managers. A native of Ridgefield, New Jersey, Sean was an eyewitness to Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal. Sean is a huge fan of Professor Harvey Rosen— ask to see Sean’s tattoo! Sean uses the money he earns from singing in the Chapel Choir to buy Ramen to add to his Doomsday stockpile. Although Sean is widely considered to be the cutest Nassoon, girls ought to beware his beguiling charm and dashing looks: rumor has it that he dated two sisters at the same time in high school.



TJ Li, a Tenor 2 from New York City, has biceps almost as big as his heart. TJ spends his time as our Performance Director ensuring that the Nassoons look as good as his hair. An avowed dietician, TJ can recite from memory the nutritional value of an egg. When he’s not counting macros, TJ spends his time debating himself in the mirror— apt preparation for someone who hopes to one day make an argument in front of the Supreme Court. If you want to get to know TJ, talk to him about his favorite thing about living in Manhattan: unparalleled access to Panera!

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Kevin Williams

Kevin S Williams ‘21, a Tenor-Baritone from Macungie (Emmaus? Allentown?) Pennsylvania, is not only our current President, but also the Guinness World Record Holder for owning the most t-shirts purchased from restaurants. He’s also a HUGE fan of the Nassoons’ signature rugby! Kevin loves to run really, really fast– you can find him sprinting down the field with Club Soccer or on the treadmill in Dillon “warming up” with a 5:45 mile. When he’s not fantasizing about Nassoons gear or working out, Kevin can be found volunteering his time to create instructional Youtube videos for Advanced Placement courses.


Michael Yeung

Michael Yeung, a sophomore from Hong Kong, is going to Ivy tonight— aren’t you? The only things more perfect than his pitch are his social acumen and fashion taste. He hopes that, one day, his sartorial flair will trickle down to the rest of us. You can often catch him wearing his rainbow Patagonia and trademark furry slides, perhaps with a piece of Nassoons gear to tie the look together. Michael sings baritone in the Nassoons, but his musical talents don’t end there; Michael is an oboist, pianist, organist, violinist... you get the idea.


class of 2022


Sean crites

Country roads brought Sean “Mountain Momma” Crites, a Tenor I from Buckhannon, West Virginia, home to the Nassoons in 1901 Hall. Believe it or not, before serving as our group’s Business Manager, he was an honorable mention in Miss Teen USA 2018 and was voted “best chin” in the competition. Way to go Sean! He’s torn between what he loves more: his golden retriever or his golden puffle on Club Penguin. As a pre-medical student, Sean uses his extensive knowledge of lungs to augment his singing technique and hopes to one day be the foremost pulmonologist in the U.S. He has a good track record so far: all of his attempts to resuscitate injured squirrels around campus have been successful!


david timm

David Timm, a Tenor-Baritone from West Saint Paul, Minnesota, is by far the wokest Nassoon. In fact, he hasn't slept at all in the past four months! Instead, he spends that time curating his pristine collection of Toni Morrison action figures (still unopened in box, of course) and practicing shot-put with his cat. David has cited his driving motivation as “for God, for glory, and for the aesthetic”. Around campus, he can be frequently spotted getting coffee at Witherspoon Cafe with his evil twin, Tim Davidd. Don’t worry - you can tell them apart by David’s telltale birthmark in the shape of the Spotify logo.


tim amarell

Tim Amarell is a Tenor II from Simsbury, Connecticut, but he currently resides in the swamps of the New Jersey pine barrens. He makes the long commute to school by rowboat, using a local squirrel as his coxswain. Raised by a baker and a mathematician, Tim knows the first 300 digits of Pi and can make a delicious Key Lime Pie - but his real dream is to someday be popular enough to join Princeton’s Pi Beta Phi chapter. As a proud Italian, Tim celebrates his heritage by reciting the words on his family crest every morning: “Ravioli Ravioli, give me the formuoli”. If you’re ever hungry, be sure to ask Tim for some hors d’oeuvres; he’s guaranteed to have some stuffed in his coat pocket.


alan lin

Our newest Baritone, Alan Lin of North Potomac, Maryland, is quite the academic. This semester he’s taking the heavy course load of Linear Algebra, Linguistics 201, Lineages of Russian Nobility, and Linen Economies of the 18th Century. With his limited free time Alan serves as the second best tour manager of the group. While at Lawrenceville High School, Alan was quite the performer, playing the role of Lawrence of Arabia and singing alongside the soul-pop band “Lawrence”. He also practices law in his free time, having been enthralled in two extensive legal battles: Lin vs. the Taxonomic Society of North Dakota and Lin vs. the Taxidermic Society of South Dakota. If you’re interested in purchasing a CD copy of “Nassoons 2018”, be sure to ask Alan - he keeps a copy on him 24/7, even during his nightly swim across Lake Carnegie.