We are pleased to welcome the newest generation of Nassoons! It's going to be a great year. Introducing (from left to right): 

- Danny Pinto, Tenor 1

- Ty Gardner, Bass

- Charlie Hemler, TB

- Thomas Jankovic, Bass

Fall Tour to San Francisco

The Nassoons are looking forward to taking the 2016 Fall Tour to San Francisco! If you or anyone you know in the area would be interested in booking us, contact us through our website or at before our schedule fills up!

Reunions and farewell to the class of 2016

We had another successful Reunions this year, having performed for a number of reunion classes all around campus. We also had the chance to perform the traditional Alumni Arch Sing at Blair Arch with many of our devoted alumni. If you are interested in hiring the Nassoons for a future Reunions performance, you can email our Business Manager, Stefan, at Finally, we ended Reunions with a farewell to our beloved seniors of the Class of 2016, James Agolia, Alistair Glidden, Andrew Helber, and Kevin Lee. We wish you all the best on your next step. SFC. 

Nassoons 75th Reunion

Founded back in 1941, The Nassoons celebrated their 75th anniversary on the weekend of April 8th-10th. Nassoons alumni from all over the world returned to campus for a memorable weekend of Songs, Fun, and Camaraderie! 

Spring Tour 2016 - Seoul, South Korea

The Nassoons journeyed to Korea for our spring tour where we were able to meet up with our former music director John Suh '19 who is currently taking a couple years off of school to serve in the Korean military. We performed for Princeton alums and parents at the Princeton Club of Korea, patients at the Samsung Medical Center, and students as St. Paul Preparatory School. We were also honored to represent the United States in the U.S. - Korea Friendship A Cappella Concert at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, where we sang with a couple Korean a cappella groups. We would like to thank the Lee family for their wonderful hospitality and for our two members who have lived in Korea, John Suh '19 and Jay Lee '19 for showing us around the beautiful city.

Introducing our new officers

We are thrilled to announce the election of our new officers: 

Music Director: Duncan Waldrop '18

President: Colton Hess '18

Business Manager: Stefan Lee '18

Performance Director: Zach Levine '17

Tour Managers: Devin Kilpatrick '19, Jay Lee '19,

and Reuben Zeiset '19

Fall tour 2015 - Texas


The Nassoons traveled to Texas during Fall Break, the first time the group had been in the state for over two decades! The group first toured the Austin area, singing for some Princeton alums at a halloween party as well as a private show at Duncan's home as well! We had plenty of time to explore Austin, from Enchanted Rock State Park to the Capitol building. Then, we drove to the Dallas Fort Worth area, where we sang for some of our most enthusiastic audiences at the Greenhill School, Fort Worth Country Day, and Christ the King Catholic School. We want to thank the Waldrops and the Hesses for their hospitality throughout the week and applaud our tour managers, Colton and Calvin! 

the newest generation of nassoons!

We are pleased to welcome the newest generation of Nassoons! It's going to be a great year. Introducing (from left to right): 

- Jay Lee, Tenor 1

- Devin Kilpatrick, Baritone

- Reuben Zeiset, Baritone

- Ryan Melosini, Tenor 2


Labor Day weekend 2015: Omni Mount washington


After a three month hiatus, the Nassoons reunited back on Princeton's campus for the start of possibly a new tradition: going to the beautiful Omni Mount Washington Resort for Labor Day weekend. What an unforgettable weekend it was! We were featured throughout the weekend as special "pop-up" performers for the guests, whether it was in the main dining room or on the veranda overlooking Mt. Washington. The most memorable moment of the weekend was closing an outdoor evening set with the National Anthem, followed by a fireworks show as the last chord rang through the mountains. The Nassoons had no shortage of activities throughout the weekend when not performing: tennis, golf, zip-lining, hiking, cornhole, you name it. It was a perfect way to start the year. We are looking forward to welcoming the Class of 2019 back on campus soon! 

Reunions and farewell to the class of 2015


We had another great Reunions this year, having some great performances for the 55th, 50th, 45th, and 40th Reunions all around campus. We are so grateful to have such devoted alumni who joined us to sing at the traditional Alumni Arch Sing at Blair Arch. If you are interested in hiring the Nassoons for a future Reunions performance, you can email our Business Manager, Stefan, at Finally, we ended Reunions with a farewell to our beloved seniors of the Class of 2015, Franklyn Darnis, James Walsh, John Whelchel, and Yacob Yonas. We wish you the best on your future endeavors. SFC. 

Spring TOur 2015 - Florida

The Nassoons spent spring break in sunny, warm Florida with stops in Atlanta, Miami, and Jacksonville. Some of the most memorable shows were at The Knight Foundation, Hobe Sound Yacht Club, Gulliver Prep, and Ransom Everglades. We also sang for various Princeton Clubs in Northern and Southern Florida. 

Intersession tour 2015 - London, UK

We had a blast in London over intersession break in late January. Our shows took us to various beautiful schools including The Charterhouse School, King's College Wimbledon, The Harrow School, and Godolphin and Latymer. We also visited and sang with the Tiffinians, a high school a cappella group founded by our very own James Walsh '15. The Nassoons did not skimp on sightseeing in London. We walked across Tower Bridge, paid a visit to the British Museum (UK's version of the Nassoon Room), and got some sweet views of Big Ben from the London Eye. Finally, our tour ended with a memorable performance at an early admission party for Princeton's Class of 2019. We'd like to thank all of our hosts throughout the tour! Check out our videos for a music video from this tour! 

holiday concert at the curtis institute of music


After finishing up the fall semester, the Nassoons headed to Philadelphia to host a holiday concert at the Curtis Institute of Music. It was an unforgettable performance for us, and was a great way for us to start the winter break. Check out more photos here. Happy Holidays! 

Introducing our new officers!

We are thrilled to introduce our new officer corps for the upcoming year! 

Music Director: John Suh '17

President: Kevin Lee '16

Business Manager: Stefan Lee '18

Performance Director: Andrew Helber '16

Tour Managers: Colton Hess '18, Duncan Waldrop '18, and Calvin Wentling '18

Fall Tour 2014 - Southern California

The Nassoons took on Southern California once again and arrived back in New Jersey just a little bit tanner from the pleasant Cali sun. All of the freshman came on tour this year, and it was great for all of us to get to know them! Throughout the tour, we sang at several schools including Harvard-Westlake, Flintridge, and Buckley, as well as a Princeton Club show at the residence of Rachel Stern '86. Of course, we spent time on the beach, and practiced a ton of touch football to prepare for the annual TF game against the Whiffenpoofs. Our tour ended with a memorable show with the Nassoons alumni in the area! Check out more photos here. 

Welcoming the Newest Nassoons!

After another auditions season, we are so excited to welcome our 5 newest Nassoons! They are (from left to right):

- Eric Wu (Tenor-Baritone)

- Calvin Wentling (Tenor II)

- Stefan Lee (Bass)

- Colton Hess (Bass)

- Duncan Waldrop (Tenor I)

To learn more about the new guys, check out their bios here.


Labor Day Weekend 2014 - The Greenbrier

This year was the 25th anniversary of one of our favorite Nassoon traditions: a Labor Day weekend trip to the Greenbrier, America's Resort in West Sulphur Springs, WV. We spent the weekend performing for guests around the resort, relaxing by the pool, and enjoying the other wonderful amenities of the resort. It is always an amazing way to reunite the group after the summer, and this year was no exception. We can't wait to get back to campus for the start of the year and to welcome the great Class of 2018 to Princeton!

Spring Tour '14 - Philly, DC, Virginia, and the Carolinas


Following our second semester midterms, we hit the road for our first driving tour of the year. Starting with a performance at The Haverford School, alma mater of Andrew Helber '16, we continued south to the nation's capital, home of Yacob Yonas '15. Somewhat unimpressed by the facade of The White House after spending our Labor Day Weekend at the Greenbrier Resort, we headed to Williamsburg, VA, where we played an intense game of ultimate frisbee (which we imagined happened during Colonial times). After a stop in Charlotte, NC, we finally arrived at our final destination -- The Reserve at Lake Keowee. Our third time to the Reserve in as many years proved to be just as amazing as the first two visits with beautiful scenery (see picture), incredible hospitality, and one of our most receptive audiences. Thanks again to all of our hosts that helped make this tour possible

Intersession Tour '14 - Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria

At the end of January, we embarked on our Intersession tour to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria.  We had the privilege of performing at venues all over the area, from beautiful boarding schools to the Vaduz Castle. One of the highlights of the week was singing for the Royal Family of Liechtenstein! When we weren't traveling around between performances, we got the chance to see some beautiful sights, including Zurich and Luzern (like in the photo above). The trip was only made possible by our sponsorship from SBB, the Swiss train system. We made our way around the entire country in style, and it was so easy the whole way. Thanks again, SBB! We hope to be back in the area again soon!

Also, check out our newest music video, filmed during this tour and edited by Krishna Choudhary '14. 

Winter Tour '13 - New York City and Connecticut

Last year, we had our inaugural winter tour to the Northeast, and it was a major success, so we decided to go back for a shorter tour to Connecticut and New York City! Our tour began in Norwalk, where we performed at senior, Alan Southworth's, temple. From there, we headed into New York City for a few shows at secondary schools. We ended our winter tour with an amazing performance at Carnegie Hall! It was great to finish up our tour performing in such a storied venue, and we hope to perform there again soon! For now, we are home with our families for winter break, but soon, after exams, we will be on our way to Switzerland and Liechtenstein for Intersession! Stay tuned for updates about that tour!

Fall Arch Sing Schedule:

October 22nd, 11:45 at 1879 Arch

December 1st, 10:45 at Blair Arch

December 15th, 11:30 at 1879 Arch