2018-2019 Highlights

2015-2016 Highlights

Holiday Concert at Curtis

Fall Tour 2014: Southern California

The Nassoons had another fantastic tour over fall break, traveling to the Southern California area. We were happy to be invited back to the residence of Rachel Stern '86 to sing for members of the Princeton Club of Southern California. We especially had a great time this tour singing at several high schools, where we taught some of the students a song from our repertoire! Our tour concluded with a memorable show with Nassoon alums hosted by Danny Salles. As we counted the minutes to go back to Princeton, we spent plenty of time at the beach, played football, and had some good eats at the Grand Central Market in LA. We are looking forward to our next tour to London in January! 

Intersession Tour 2014: Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein

For our Intersession tour in 2014, the Nassoons took a journey to Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein for a week! We sang shows for many secondary schools in the area as well as a few private parties. We travelled from Zurich to Lucern to Vaduz, all using the Swiss transportation system, SBB, who sponsored our travel for the trip. Thanks, SBB! Every step of the way we had an amazing time! However, the highlight of that tour definitely was the performance for the Royal Family of Liechtenstein in the Palace Vaduz! Take a look below to follow us through our week in Europe!

Fall Tour 2013: San Francisco, CA

For our fall break in 2013, we took a trip to the Bay Area in California. While in San Francisco, we rented a house a few blocks from the beach and it became our home base for the week! We spent days at the Googleplex, Muir Park, the Golden Gate National Park, and Napa Valley for some wine tasting. It was also great to visit the hometown of Quinton Beck '14 because there's nothing like some good 'ol home-cooked meals while on tour. Check out some of the photos from our tour!

Spring Tour 2013: West Palm Beach, FL

For our spring tour, we took a drive down to West Palm Beach, Florida. It was the perfect way to escape the long winter in Princeton, NJ. On these long drives, we love to stop at our favorite restaurants along the way, like Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen in Chapel Hill, NC and Zunzi's in Savannah, GA. It is the perfect way to split up the drive! Once we arrived in West Palm Beach, we made sure to spend tons of time on the beach relaxing (as you can see from the photos). When we weren't lounging, we were singing for amazing audiences all around the south of Florida, from Vero Beach to Fort Lauderdale. One of the highlights of the trip was definitely stopping by a movie theatre in Palm Beach to catch the midnight premiere of Admission, a movie starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. We got the chance to sing in the film, so it was so rewarding to take over a movie theatre to watch the Nassoons' Hollywood debut!

Intersession Tour 2013: Hong Kong

For Intersession 2013, the Nassoons took a trip to Hong Kong, China. For most of the guys, it was their first trip to Asia, so we had no idea what was in store for us. We stayed right in the heart of the city, and we got the chance to experience many authentic aspects of Hong Kong's cuisine, from dim sum to the open air meat markets. Of course, we did our fair share of sight seeing as well, which included Victoria's Peak and a trip to Macau. Last but not least, we sang performances for audiences all around Hong Kong from secondary schools to country clubs to private parties. We even did two masterclasses in the city. The trip to Hong Kong proved to be one of our most memorable tours in recent history, so hopefully, we can head back there or somewhere else in Asia soon!

Fall Tour 2012: Southern California

For our fall tour in 2012, we took a tour to the hometown of Tenor I, Krishna Choudhary: Los Angeles, California. Our home base was in Huntington Beach, so we got to spend a ton of time at the beach playing sports and soaking up the sun. That didn't stop us from seeing all of the sights, though; our tour took us to Hollywood sign, the famous Walk of Fame, the LA Art Museum, and many other amazing touristy places. We had a blast and it was so great to get away from the start of weather back in Princeton.