Audition for the Nassoons


Step 1: Relax

The Nassoons' audition process is similar to that of most of the other a cappella groups on campus. Remember: it's our job to help you sing your best during the audition, and we want to make it as comfortable an experience for you as possible. Before the audition begins, we'll take a moment to sit down, read your audition card, and try to get to know you a little better. James, our Music Director, will start you singing. 

Step 2: The Basics

We'll begin by guiding you through some scales to get you warmed up and to test out your range (ideally, you may want to sing a bit on your own prior to the audition to warm up your voice). Then we'll move on to some pitch-matching exercises in which the Music Director will play several series of three notes on the piano and you'll sing them back to the group. 



Step 3: Swells 

Now it's time to test your power and your ability to switch between different vocal registers. The swells are exercises in which you begin softly on a specified note, slowly increase volume to full power, and then return to the level at which you began. In most cases, we have you try one swell in the middle of your range, one in the lower end, and one up higher near your break. For the last, we generally look for the ability to start in falsetto and break into full voice.